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Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | Time: 1:40 AM | Comments: 0

Woah! Have been missing quite long nowadays XD.
YOG just ended and here's my update for the past 2 weeks!

BF bought me Jay's album le! Happy happy ^^.
Xie xie ni!

Group photo for the first day of YOG! Worked at Bishan Stadium by the way XD.

Xian Ling, Chantel, Shirly, Me.
(previously worked for National Track and Field Competition together)
Taken during the 2nd day of work XD.


As for last last Sunday, celebrated my Baby's birthday~
Kekez, it's his first birthday!

Birthday boy!

Dobry and his family =P

Sponge Bob Square Pants!

Hey you Mr Bob again!


OMG! Gangster sia!

Me and my baby!!

Fireworks for Dobry's first birthday celebration LOL! Honoured~

My Da Jiu and Da Jiu Mu~

Nice sunrise~

Last Saturday celebrated for Wai Gong's Birthday~

Went over to their place to sleep for 3 nights due to work~


Happy Birthday Wai Gong!

Candid shot sia! ._.

Don't ask me about my hand LOL!

Eh.. I forgot the name of the Alethic.

Lyo and Merly!

Beautiful evening~

10km Walk Boys!

Uber sexy when they walk LOL =X

Loves the night =]]

Playing with my handphone XD.

Moon tanning!

Da Jiu Mu de Ah Boy!! Guinea pig damn cute!

Last day for our Track event everybody busy taking photo XD.

Been watching fireworks for 3 days woots!

Smoky effect after the fireworks

Cool hor~

Our group photo!!!

OMG LA!!! I kope this photo from my friend!
Cause I wasn't uber to take photo with them =(

WOOTS! Finally finished updating my PHOTOS!
Ok la, nothing much to blog as it's YOG YOG and still YOG XD.
It's was uber fun! It was really a great experience!
Huhuhuhu! Time to get back to reality and study for EXAMS!
All the best to all yo!

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