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Date: Sunday, July 18, 2010 | Time: 10:40 PM | Comments: 0

Woohoo~ My weekend is over and what I've done today?
XD, Singapore Garden Festival 2010!!
Putting some nicer ones here ^^.

My best and fav pic among all!!!

Another one which I liked~ Cause Only these 2 photos, I've put in my heart to take!
The others were just snaps as I was in a hurry...

Made of plastic bottles

Kampong style~

I like the white as it's pure!

This look like our Merlion =X

Some fan? XD.

Fantasy Garden~

Looking sad =(

Umbrellas for sale!!!

I like this too! Look like Avatar scenery XD

Interior designs~

Simple and nice~

This look way too crowded @.@

Very space like~

Of course not forgetting me and my Mum~ Ciaoz!

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